Soulbit7 is an iOS application workshop. We make games that explore new types of human/technology interactions.

Soulbit7 was established in 2009 by Ofir Liberman and Dagan Shtifman (that's us in the pics below). We love our iPhones and the new types of mobile experiences they bring us. We hope you like our apps.

Soulbit7 has 3 iOS apps: Ars, a take on an Israeli cultural stereotype that implements unique gestural interactions; Coloroll, a color learning game; and Look-Up, an augmented reality space invasion game.

We are

We don't know about the pictures...

Ofir Liberman design, Sound design and concepts

Ofir is an interactive designer and lecturer at Shenkar College of Design and Technology in Tel Aviv. He loves bit-maps, Animal Collective and robots.

Dagan Shtifman code and concepts

Dagan: the ghost in the machine, loves hiking, people and what the hell is "Animal Collective"?


AR Invaders
AR Invaders website

***Now Featured in the New & Noteworthy by Apple***
A new version for iPhone & iPod touch #4 of the game "Look-Up".
AR Invaders is a totally new gaming experience - You've NEVER played a game like this. Your surroundings literally turn into a war zone with invading alien forces.

look-up website

Look-UP brings the classic UFO invasion game theme into the 21st century with an augmented reality twist. Fight the alien forces in your real surroundings. Try multiplayer mode with your friends in a forest or in the middle of the city to save everything you love from imminent destruction. Space invaders was never this real.

coloroll website

Coloroll is all about colors - how they combine to create new colors, how different shades hide within each color, and about the magic of an endless chain of creation where each color palette has a multitude of possibilities.

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